1. Can these skincare products be used after any treatment?

The new Lynton skincare range can be used straight after all treatments except skin resurfacing, as the skin needs around 24 hours to heal before applying any product.

2. Will these products make my skin feel oily?

Both LIGHT SOOTHE and LIGHT PROTECT are brilliant for clients who don’t like greasy products as they are completely free of oily ingredients.

3. Why should I use LIGHT PROTECT daily?

LIGHT PROTECT SPF is a daily protectant from UVA rays which cause ageing of the skin as well as UVB rays that can cause skin burning and malignant changes. This product will provide you with ultimate daily protection for your skin and its ultra-light formulation means it can be worn comfortably under makeup. 

4. Can LIGHT SOOTHE be used for anything other than post laser treatment?

Because of its hydrating and healing properties, LIGHT SOOTHE can be used for many purposes, such as for overall redness. 

5. Are these products suitable for all skin types?

Yes, both LIGHT SOOTHE and LIGHT PROTECT can be used on all skin types


5. Are these products cruelty-free?

None of our products are tested on animals including third-party testing and supplier testing.


5. Are these vegan friendly?

Vegan-friendly at Lynton means that none of the formulations used to make our new generation of skincare product contain raw ingredients of animal origins. So rather than using animal-derived ingredients, our vegan-friendly products use natural, alternative sources instead, such as plant or fruit extracts. However, vegan-friendly is also about being cruelty-free. This means no animal testing has been used in the process, from production through to purchase.