Unique Cooling & Protecting Formula's

Following Laser and IPL treatment, it is evident the skin can sometimes be irritated and has been known to be more vulnerable to pigment changes, in particular facial treatments. Our new and unprecedented post-laser skin care range, LIGHT SOOTHE & LIGHT PROTECT SPF 50 offer anybody undergoing laser and IPL treatments the perfect solution.

Combining our unique cooling and recovery serum (LIGHT SOOTHE) with a specially formulated, 5 STAR Boots UVA Rated SPF 50 (LIGHT PROTECT), we aim to provide the perfect pre & post-treatment skin care regime, for anyone undergoing treatment. 



Advanced post-laser & IPL serum

Unique soothing formula for post-laser/IPL treated skin, helping moisturise and calm irritation whilst promoting faster skin recovery:

 • Reduces redness

 • Cools & soothes irritation

 • Promotes faster skin recovery

 • Antibacterial

 • Moisturising


LIGHT PROTECT SPF 50 Boots 5 star skincare laser


Year-round daily protectant SPF 50

Unique soothing formula for post-laser/IPL treated skin, providing the ultimate daily protection against harmful UVA & UVB rays

• Specifically formulated to support LASER treatments

• Unique blend of physical & chemical SPFs

• Designed for zero irritation

• Ultra light formulation with no chalky residue

• Intensely hydrating and aids skin repair

• Antioxidant rich to counteract UV damage