Specialist Skincare Formulated to Aid All Laser & IPL Treatments

Lynton skincare laser aftercare cooling cream
Our exclusive skincare range has been formulated specifically for all those undergoing laser & IPL treatments. The range consists of a selection of unique products that have all been formulated to work in synergy with any laser and IPL treatment, enhancing treatment outcomes. 

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Stem Cell

Activated Stem Cell Serum 

A unique and patented anti-ageing serum, with a combination of three plant stem cells within an activated oxygen delivery system. Micro-formulated for deep penetration to increase proliferation of dermal fibroblasts for maximum collagen and elastin production:

 • Stimulates dermal regeneration

 • Boosts skin-cell renewal 

 • Repairs photo-ageing 

 • Intensely hydrates

 • Stimulates cell metabolism 

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Facial Cleanser

Deep cleansing, hydrating formula  

The weightless feel cleanser glides over skin removing all traces of dirt and impurities. This hydrating formula won’t leave skin feeling tight.

 • Deep Cleaning

 • Non-Drying 

 • Non-Greasy  

 • Fragrance-Free

 • Non-Comedogenic

 • Smoothing

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Advanced post-laser & IPL serum

A unique soothing formula for post-laser/IPL treated skin, helping moisturise and calm irritation whilst promoting faster skin recovery:

 • Reduces redness

 • Cools & soothes irritation

 • Promotes faster skin recovery

 • Antibacterial

 • Moisturising

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Year-round daily protectant SPF 50

A unique soothing formula for post-laser/IPL treated skin, providing the ultimate daily protection against harmful UVA & UVB rays

• Specifically formulated to support LASER treatments

• A unique blend of physical & chemical SPFs

• Ultralight formulation with no chalky residue

• Intensely hydrating and aids skin repair

• Antioxidant rich to counteract UV damage

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Tri-Acid Fruit Peel

20% AHA formula 

This 20% AHA formula contains three powerful fruit acids: Glycolic, Malic and Tartaric, to dissolve away skin cells leaving skin radiant and smooth. The peel resurfaces skin texture and decongests pores, priming the skin ready for stage 3 of illumiFacial®.
 • Resurfaces skin texture

 • Boosts collagen production

 • Repairs sun damage

 • Decongests pores

 • Reduces hyperpigmentation

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"LIGHT PROTECT is light on the skin, not greasy, it’s not just a sunblock it’s a really good moisturiser! It smells good and isn’t heavy perfumed for my delicate skin.”

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